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clinical hypnotherapist


Charlie’s superb hypnotherapy skills have enabled me to regain my confidence, make me smile and reduce my anxiety and stress levels dramatically. 

She has given me a variety of techniques and strategies which I use when required.

It is always a pleasure to see her and she has been simply wonderful.


Sandra, 46

I used to see Charlie and want her to know how things are going as I am so grateful for how ​the work we did together has helped me with my confidence and happiness. I just got my first proper job as a customer consultant at The Body Shop and it's going so well. I am also predicted two A's and a B at A-Level! I can't thank her enough for everything she taught me, I went into my interview and my exams feeling calm and confident. I also have a new group of friends who are lovely and always there for me, I feel like everything since our sessions has been falling into place!!


Tiegan, 17

Just wanted to say that I thought some of the stuff in the workshop was really helpful. I tried the passing an object from one hand to the other thing yesterday when I was having a panic attack and it genuinely works?!?


Rosie, 16


Just wanted to say that I found the stress management session really helpful because we were told how to deal with our stress other than eating well, sleeping well and doing enough exercise - which can sometimes be difficult! I liked the methods that we were taught because they were simple but really worked.


Nothing would improve this is was amazing !

Mrs Hartley was great and very helpful

Loved it

Its as good an it gets

I loved it please come again


Lilly, Year 6, Stress Management Course

As good as it gets ! 


I went to the session after school yesterday and I honestly thought it was so helpful!

I've been told about the techniques before about handling panic attacks etc and never really thought much of them (one was called tapping) but the woman that lead it made it seem so easy and not scary at all that I will definitely use the techniques in the upcoming weeks. After the session I talked to her about how hard it was for me to adjust to sixth form and how panicked I felt for about four months at the start of the year and she was so kind and patient.

I'd love for her to come back in and do another session perhaps if that's at all possible?



Grace, 16

I'd say the course was very good! Charlie was fun, engaging and importantly sensitive and so I felt I could get involved, relax and feel safe. What we actually learnt was interesting and insightful and I've already been able to use some of the techniques. I'd definitely recommend it and have already shared some of the techniques with people who didn't go.



I found the stress session really useful and helpful! I thought the techniques she showed us to actually work (which surprised me) and the lady (Charlie) was amazing! She was light-hearted and funny but also sensitive to issues at the same time. I'm even looking at booking a private session with her! I would definitely recommend the session/her.



Jess, 17

I found the session very helpful and I'll definitely use the techniques we were taught. I was very sceptical of techniques like tapping before, but it was really effective for me. I'd definitely recommend it!


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